Medtech Start-Ups: Aatru Medical, CuraFix, NanoVation, & more

Posted by Life Science Intelligence on Aug 14, 2020 8:15:00 AM
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Aatru Medical Submits its NPSIMS Negative Pressure Wound Therapy Device for FDA Clearance

The device is a single-use negative pressure wound therapy device focused on managing surgical site infections that can occur during the 50M+ surgeries performed globally each year. Aatru announced that it had recently completed a Series C round of fundraising to support product development and assist with other short-term initiatives. Key players in the multi-billion dollar wound management market include 3M, Baxter, and Smith & Nephew, among others.

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CurvaFix Raises $10.7M in Series B Round

The orthopedic device company will use the funds to facilitate the development and commercialization of its CurvaFix Intramedullary screw. The screw is capable of following the natural bone shape – filling the space within curved bones such as the pelvis. Major players in the orthopedic surgery market include Stryker, Wright Medical, and Zimmet-Biomet.

Wound Therapy Device, Orthopedic Device,  & Respiratory Monitoring Startups in Medtech

NanoVation is developing a wearable solution for the monitoring of critical respiratory parameters

With a pendent nasal cannula design, NanoVation’s SenseGuard is capable of continuously monitoring lung functions to help patient’s and healthcare providers prevent exacerbations and hospitalizations in COPD patients. The company has raised over $6M, having recently received a $2.9M grant from the EU’s Horizon 2020 EIC Accelerator Program. 

A real-time tumor localization and guidance system is being developed by Sirius Medical

In a recent Series A round, the company raised $5M in funding to support the commercial launch of its Sirius Pintuition System. The device allows surgeons to accurately pinpoint tumor location in breast cancer patients. The company’s technology has received the CE Mark and is currently pending FDA clearance. Other competitors in this market include BD, Cook Medical, and Merit Medical.

Orpyx Medical Technologies is helping diabetes patients monitor, manage, and prevent diabetic foot ulcers

The company offers Orpyx SI Sensory Insoles, a custom insole wearable that monitors movement, plantar pressure, and temperature in real-time. To-date, the company has raised $16.3M with a recently completed Series A round valued at $7.6M. Wearable technology, such found in consumer devices from companies such as Apple are helping patients and healthcare providers more effectively manage diabetes.

Eko Devices secures a $2.7M grant from the NIH

The company commercializes digital ECG and stethoscopes, which have secured clearance from the FDA. CORE, the company’s flagship device, is a digital stethoscope that wirelessly transmits heart and lung sounds to compliant software for storage and analysis. Other competitors offering digital stethoscope devices include 3M, ekuore, and Thinklabs.

AI-powered image acquisition software developer Caption Health Closes Series B Round

Caption Health develops an ultrasound guidance, assessment, and interpretation platform that facilitates the cardiac ultrasound process for healthcare providers, regardless of their experience. The Series B round was valued at $53M and led by DCVC, Edwards Lifesciences, Atlantic Bridge, and Khosla Ventures. Key strategics in the ultrasound market include Canon, Philips, and Siemens.

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