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Posted by Life Science Intelligence on Feb 1, 2021 8:42:52 AM
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MIVI Neuroscience – next-generation solutions for neurointervention

MIVI is currently developing the DAISe Clot Retrieval System, a catheter deployed solution intended to facilitate clot retrieval. The device uses unique materials that are vessel conforming and prevent mechanical backstop. In addition to the DAISe system, the company is developing the Q Aspiration System. In January 2021, the company closed a Series B round of $35M. The funds from the round will be used fund clinical trials and subsequent commercialization of the two products. Penumbra, Stryker, and Terumo are leading competitors in the market for neurointerventional devices.

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Age-Less AI is using artificial intelligence to manage neurological disorders

By combining telemedicine and machine learning, Age-Less AI offers supplemental digital health services for the management of neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Solutions offered by Age-Less AI’s platform include emotional and sleep analysis, which can be monitored and reviewed by neurologists and physicians. The platform also offers an AI chatbot to engage with patients and remote physical therapy sessions. Ceretsi Health, Neurotrack, and Noom are digital health startups developing similar technologies for the supplemental management of neurological disorders.

Age-less AI is a presenting company at Life Science Intelligence’s 2021 Emerging Medtech Summit.

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Vitls is developing a novel wearable for real-time vital monitoring of hospital patients

The company’s technology is based on a small, flexible, disposable medical device to monitor physiological changes in hospital patients. Continuous vital signs monitoring can immediately alert healthcare providers to changes in a patient’s condition, resulting in patients receiving the best possible care. Compared to current patient monitoring solutions employed in hospitals, Vitls technology is unobtrusive and easy-to-use. In January 2021, the Vitls was accepted into KidsX – the largest pediatric-focused digital health accelerator in the world. Major competitors in patient monitoring market include Draeger, Maquet, and Schiller.

Emboline – total embolic protection for structural heart procedures

To address the risks associated with embolic debris caused by interventional heart procedures, Emboline has developed the Emboliner catheter. When used during structural heart procedures, such as TAVR, the Emboliner catheter will capture and remove emboli to provide complete protection to critical organs and the brain. In January the company raised over $10M in Series C funding. The funds will be used to support the company’s upcoming US IDE clinical study, as well as obtain initial commercial approval for the device. Abbott, Edwards Lifesciences, and Medtronic are some of the key strategics in the interventional cardiology and transcatheter heart repair markets.

Art Medical closes Series C round for $21M

The company offers innovative solutions for critical care. Art Medical’s flagship smART platform, an all-in-one solution to detect and prevent complications associated with ICU nutrition. The platform is intended to address several complications associated with intubated patients, including ventilator associated complications, malnutrition, and acute kidney injury. With the closing of this latest round of funding, the company has raised approximately $50M in capital.

Eyedaptic – wearable solutions for vision improvement

The Eyedaptic EYE2 is a smart glasses solution that simulates natural vision using augmented reality technology. The customizable device is ideal for individuals who suffer from diseases that impair visions, such as age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Eyedaptic has completed a Seed round of funding, raising approximately $550,000. Competitors in the augmented reality market include Google, Heru, and NuEyes.

Eyedaptic is a presenting company at Life Science Intelligence’s 2021 Emerging Medtech Summit.

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